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to draw.    She was the most beautiful person and
always wore a chain round her neck to which was
attached  a little ball,  covered in diamonds.    I
wondered what it was and stared at her and it in
admiration when the model rested.   I met her at
one of Walter SickertY Saturday afternoons.   She
was wearing it.    I said, cc Do you remember the
sketch class in Chelsea? " And she did quite well.
I said, " Do let me look at that wonderful sparkling
ball that you have?" and when I did I saw it was a
watch.   She asked me to her house in Manchester
Square, where she sometimes had models.    One
afternoon I went and she had a ballet girl posing in
a pink ballet skirt.   She had been a pupil of Sickert's
and was doing a painting that had a great deal of
talent.    I sat in a corner and drew.    I was very
badly dressed and hid my shoes under the chair.
Presently Lord Ribblesdale came in, and then Lady
Curzon.    They were charming and I hid my feet
further under the chair, but they neither seemed to
notice or to mind.   We continued to draw and they
talked about Art.
Osbert Sitwell and his brother were in the Grena-
dier Guards and looked imposing in their grey
coats. I asked Osbert if he would sit for me. He
came and sat in his uniform, but it was not a success.
I painted another one of him in a small "John
Bull" top-hat, a head and shoulders, and that was
much better. He bought it, and I believe it is
amongst their family portraits. I don't know what
the family portraits think of it I also painted
Edith in a rainbow jacket that was exhibited at the